More about Cloughjordan House

Peter Baker, his wife Sarah and their children; Julie, Holly and Sam are the proud residents of Cloughjordan House today. Over the past decade or more, the property has transformed from a dairy farm into a magical destination with the best in food, atmosphere and accommodation. The family live in their own wing of the main house and welcome guests as though they are friends and family, even the family dogs Louis and Monty are available for a belly rub during your stay.


A part of Irish History

You can’t walk around the grounds of Cloughjordan House without feeling steeped in Irish history. The house itself has been there for over 400 years, dating back to as early as 1614. It’s covered in a colourful Virginia creeper residual from the historic Hodgins’ Arboretum and nursery gardens that the grounds were once famous for. The property has been in the hands of The Baker family since 1914 when they purchased it from the Hodgins family. In 1922 free state soldiers occupied the house and evidence of their target practise can see be seen on an ancient tree outside.


From Working Farm to Cosy Accommodation

Proprietor, Peter Baker, and his team have constructed each room with a highly skilled craftsmanship that is apparent in every tiny feature. The rooms are completed by the interior design eye of Sarah Baker, who has sprinkled the accommodation with the perfect combination of a homely touch, modern colour palette and contemporary finish. The rooms are a partnership of Irish farm and South African luxury, with wood direct from the Cloughjordan House forest and sinks and rugs brought over from the African continent.