The Cookery School at Cloughjordan House.

The Cloughjordan venue was founded on the Cookery School so food is in our very nature. Our ethos is in creating simple, elegant and great tasting food with a familial atmosphere, bringing groups together through colourful platters and wooden boards (made from our very own farm wood). The dishes become a focal point, encouraging guests to get involved, to discuss, to laugh and to enjoy the culinary experience. Local, fresh and seasonal produce is vital to building a wholesome menu that bursts with flavour. The all-female culinary team give due love and attention to each meal. Our full time gardener grows an array of fresh vegetables in our walled garden and polytunnels and happy, free range pigs provide our pork and bacon. Local artisan suppliers provide the extras, from bread at Riot Rye - Cloughjordans Wood-fired Bakery to ice-cream from Michael Cantwell at Boulabane Farm.


Transition Year Groups

We’re passionate about teaching the next generation what it means to cook healthy, fresh and fun food. We provide a one day transition year field trip package, educating students about where their food comes from and how to cook in a practical and enjoyable way. The idea is for us to impart real-life practical skills that make cooking less daunting and more fun! As a student, you’ll taste things you never thought you would and be pleasantly surprised at what you can learn and achieve in just one day. Compete with your classmates on who can prepare the most delicious meal, taste the difference between fresh produce and shop-bought and did we mention the mouth-watering chocolate brownies that we finish the day with?

Price per student is €50. Teachers go free and the day includes 2 meals plus morning snack.



Transition Year Sample Day

Introductory half hour with tea, home-brewed coffee or hot chocolate and home-baked snacks.

Half the group heads out to the victorian walled garden with our farm tutor to get their hands dirty. Students learn all about planting, growing and harvesting the fruit and vegetables in an interactive way, picking and tasting food directly from the plant. Students also learn how easy it is to grow and harvest veg in their own small plot at home.

Once the vegetables are delivered to the ‘cooks’ in the kitchen, it’s time to explore the grounds with a treasure hunt/nature trail where students will have to find all sorts of creepy crawlies, unusual fungi, and some unexpected lodgings!

The other half of the group start out in the cookery school, working in teams to make lunch for the whole group, using vegetables harvested by the ‘gardeners’. Here they’ll learn some life-long skills that make cooking simple and fun, using proper chefs knives to chop like a pro and learn the basics of cooking that once perfected, there’s no limit to what they can cook... Crusty white yeast bread, garden vegetable soup and churning cream to make butter for a lunch to impress!

Everyone gathers in the dining room for a well earned lunch of the mornings hard work!

The morning gardeners don their aprons and chef hats ready for their turn in the kitchen – dinners on the menu for the afternoon, using the veg which they have picked from the garden along with some other local seasonal ingredients, students will prepare their dish of choice, followed by dessert of sticky, chocolatey brownies!

The mornings chefs get their chance at the garden and to roam the grounds in search of treasures, finishing off with a cow milking competition!

At Cloughjordan House Cookery School we teach pupils about appreciating the food they eat and really tasting it, knowing where it comes from, being aware of waste and building a strong foundation in of food awareness, learning to cook and essentially looking after themselves nutritionally when they leave school.

Dinner and clean-down, like a running restaurant.

4.00pm Finish.

We also offer the option of an overnight stay which can include the Gaisce Bronze Award with a 25km hike, or 2 day cookery to include a wood-fired BBQ on the first evening and overnight in Django's hostel in the Eco-village, as well as fireside games.... jenga, table-tennis and cornhole to name a few.




Hi Sarah and Peter, back within City limits and all students dispatched home after a fab time.  We haven't had time to take stock and have a full report from the students on their visit but the general feedback is very positive.  Personally I think it was an amazing experience for our students.  I hope it will be a memorable one for them.  The photos certainly testify that the girls had great fun, they are smiling and laughing in all the photos. It was a super trip and I hope we will see you again. All the best, Mella. May 2014

 - Rockford Manor


Lucy, thank you so much for all the hard work that went into making our visit to Cloughjordan Cookery School such a fantastic experience! We all had a very enjoyable time! We really appreciate it. Deirdre, Siobhán and Form 6 (Spanish cookery trip).

 - St. Mary's College Arklow





We are delighted to welcome group bookings and bespoke hen parties to Cloughjordan House for a bit of magic and mischief.
Each party can work with our events team to create a tailored trip for you and your guests, no matter the occasion.

Cloughjordan House Hen Party.jpg

Sample hen party schedule below

  • Arrive at lunchtime and discuss the day ahead over home-brew coffee and home-made snacks.

  • Spend the afternoon in The Cookery School and prepare the evening meal with our Chefs using local and home-grown produce or split into teams and have a Bake Off!

  • Come together for an exclusive feast with the beautifully prepared food and wine.

  • Have an evening soiree or an all-out party in the cowshed.

  • Stay overnight in our luxury accommodation with a variety of mouth-watering breakfast choices to wake up to.

  • Points to note: there are a number of local activities from yoga to pottery for groups looking to expand their stay.

  • Points to note: all requests are welcome and we love groups who want to add their own spin to their trip, so don’t hesitate to
    chat to us about your plans.


Enquire about your group booking today.

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