Cloughjordan House - a community comes together

Cloughjordan House, for those of you that don't know, is set in a small rural village in Co. Tipperary, called Cloughjordan. With a population of around 500, Cloughjordan has much more to it than meets the eye. 

Photo courtesy of Johnny Corcoran Photography

Photo courtesy of Johnny Corcoran Photography

Most will know Cloughjordan for its Ecovillage, the first in Ireland. Home to over 100 people and 129 high performance green homes. The Ecovillage is an educational destination that welcomes many visitors to Cloughjordan from near and far who want to learn about sustainable living. To quote their very own website ( the approach of the residents is to build ‘a resilient economy sustained by local enterprises, ecotourism, social entrepreneurs and strategic partners [which will] demonstrate a new way of living in rural areas’.

We here in Cloughjordan House are thrilled to be able to contribute to our community as a local business that employs over 40 staff. Our weddings bring with them visitors to the village who in turn make their way to Centra or Murphy’s for the newspaper, to Cloughjordan Pharmacy for some headache tablets, to the Middle Country cafe for a spot of lunch or Sheelagh na Gig for a coffee.

Let’s not forget the range of accommodation options open to visitors of Cloughjordan. There are not too many small rural villages in Ireland that can sleep approx 140 guests, well Cloughjordan can. Here in CJH we can sleep up to 85 guests onsite. Just over the wall in the Ecovillage is a whole host of of further accommodation just check out Then of course you have Django’s eco hostel which sleeps 34 people. Our guests can walk to the main street or through the door in the wall to explore all that Cloughjordan has to offer.

Another business you might be surprised to find located within the walls of the Ecovillage is the award winning Riot Rye wood fired bakery and bread school. You see we here in Cloughjordan are very fortunate to be surrounded by so many talented, unique artists. Did you know we even have an amphitheatre?!

It’s no secret that we love our food here in CJH and Gulan Takeaway in the village is the perfect spot for some late night pizza. We have not one but two hairdressers, Millies and JD’s and a beauticians; Victorias Beauty Rooms. Should you need a garage, Percy’s is located right at the top of our road.

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Guests of Cloughjordan House are encouraged to take a walk up to the main street or through the door in the wall to explore all that Cloughjordan has to offer. Venture into the Thomas McDonagh centre and learn about our history and one of our most famous residents. Take a tour of the Ecovillage, have a peak inside any of the 3 churches located in the village or treat themselves to a drink in one of the locals!


As a central part of the village, it is our privilege to be connected with all these amazing businesses and support them as best we can by welcoming visitors to the village for weddings, hen parties, cookery courses and corporate getaways. We are very lucky to also be able to draw on all these like minded individuals and offer our guests so much more than a simple night away in a small rural village. Thank you to our neighbours for their continued support, we look forward to growing with you side by side.

Jessica Tynan