Corporate Retreats - How to ensure you maximize productivity

Here at Cloughjordan House, we’re not just a wedding venue! Along with our Cookery School, we also host corporate retreats. We provide a comprehensive corporate package that includes exclusive use of the house and grounds, a central location, amazing homegrown food and authentically rustic accommodation.

However, there are certain things that you must bear in mind to get the most from your team-building retreat. Below, we’ve gathered together some top tips to help your work retreat reach its full potential!


Have the organizer of your event create a schedule that you stick to religiously. Deviating from the agenda may give the impression that you’re more about work than play!

Be Organised

It’s important to think about your retreat in advance and what the exact purpose is. Decide what your goals are and what exactly you want to achieve in your designated time. A vague outline means wasting time deciding what you’re going to talk about.


Depending on your aims for the retreat, try and strike a happy-medium between strategy sessions and team bonding activities. Letting your team blow off steam actually stimulates creativity by diverting their attention and letting their sub-conscience work on the problem.

A fresh face

It is often worthwhile to hire a facilitator who is trained in how to achieve specific outcomes and get the most out of your team. With a new voice and new surroundings, the potential for inspiration is limitless!


If your team aren’t too sure of each other, introduce an icebreaker and other bonding exercises, so that some of your group can get to know each other better. This will pay dividends when you return to the office with a more unified, collaborative team with boosted morale.

These are just a few simple things you can do to ensure the most productive retreat possible - let us do the rest!

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Sarah Coonan