Destination wedding in Ireland - Planning from abroad

Over the years we in Cloughjordan House have opened our doors to visitors from near and far. So many couples who are living overseas are choosing to get married here in Ireland. The reasons for doing so are endless, why wouldn’t you want to get married here?!

Whether you are an Irish citizen living abroad and coming home to get married or you have Irish ancestory or you simply visited our fair isle once and fell in love. Whatever your reason, we would love to celebrate your Irish wedding with you here in CJH.

Image courtesy of  The Woodards

Image courtesy of The Woodards

So many of our couples are planning their wedding from abroad. We have had guests join us from China, Australia, New Zealand, America (North and South), Canada, the UAE, Germany, South Africa, the UK, the list goes on and on. When you choose Cloughjordan House for your wedding we do everything we can to make the planning process as stress free as possible. We can recommend suppliers that have worked with us in the past and put you in contact with them. We have accommodation for your guests sorted too - a total of 83 people can stay onsite. For your ceremony you can choose from 3 outside locations and 2 inside options within the grounds. All this means you can effectively drive through our gates and not leave again until after you have said ‘I do’.

Image courtesy of  Katie Farrell Photography

Image courtesy of Katie Farrell Photography

One of our amazing couples, Jessa and Jay, traveled all they way from Tennessee to be with us this Summer for their wedding celebration. Jessa very kindly spoke to me about her wedding and how she found planning from overseas. I asked her a number of questions and here is what she had to say:

Where are you both living and why a wedding in Ireland?

We live in Nashville, TN. Jay and I are avid world travelers and Ireland stands as the only country that we choose to return to versus heading to a new adventure. We’ve fallen in love with the people, with the beautiful countryside and could honestly think of no better place to become husband and wife. 

How did you find CJH?

A lot of googling! I’m actually not sure exactly where, but I can say that from the moment we learned of CJH, I could actually see myself getting married there. 

Why did you choose CJH?

We loved the ability to have a full three day event and that all of our family and friends could stay onsite. We loved the various venue options (Cowshed, asado, woodshed, etc) which allowed our guests to really feel at home. 

Was CJH helpful in the planing of your wedding?

Yes, I had a tonne of questions (as would be expected from a new bride) but CJH has tonnes of materials that clearly explain their offerings. Given the growing popularity of the venue many of my vendors also had experience with CJH which made that communication even easier than expected!

How did planning from oversees differ from if you had chosen a wedding at home?

I’m often asked this question and the easiest answer is “I don’t know!’. Given this was my first wedding, I don’t have much to compare our experience to. That all being said we did depend on Google Docs, video chatting, and a lot of trust that everything was going to be as expected. 

Any tips for couples planning from abroad?

Take advantage of the different time zones! I loved that I could send an email before bed and by the time I woke up in the morning often times I had a response. 

After all the planning, what was the best part once you were here?

The best part was that all of our preparation before hand allowed us to truly relax once we arrived! The CJH staff treated us and our guests wonderfully from the moment we arrived and by the end of our stay we really felt as though CJH was our family estate. 

And they lived happily ever after…..    Image courtesy of  Katie Farrell Photography

And they lived happily ever after…..

Image courtesy of Katie Farrell Photography

If you too are planning your wedding from abroad get in touch with us today. Once you’ve chosen your venue the rest just falls into place.

Congratulations on taking the first step and saying ‘Yes’ now let us help you say ‘I do’.

Image courtesy of  Niamh Smith Photography

Image courtesy of Niamh Smith Photography