Testimonials from Cloughjordan House.


A Magical Weekend in January - Marguerite & Justin Marcus


The happiest day of your life, is a cliché often associated with weddings but in our case, January 9th 2016, truly was the happiest day of our lives and it was thanks in large part to the wonderful staff at Cloughjordan House. We first considered Cloughjordan House because of the pictures we saw of it on the website. We wanted a small wedding with everything on one site. Our ceremony was in the Cow Shed and reception in the Ballroom. I was very keen to show off the best that Ireland had to offer in hospitality and food because our wedding was afterall the first time that our extended families would meet. You see, we live in Melbourne. I am from Clare but my husband was born in South Africa and raised in Australia. It was of paramount importance to us that our wedding be a relaxed affair. We were in search of a  place where people would feel comfortable enough to throw off convention and mingle together. Enter Cloughjordan House. Some people dread organising a wedding from overseas but I loved it. Sarah and her team made it so easy. Every email was answered promptly and every aspect of the weekend just seemed to fall effortlessly into place. Before long the weekend had come.  Friday was the setting-up day and as people arrived we were further convinced that we had made the best choice for our wedding. We took over the house and really made it our own. Ladders were borrowed, nails were hammered and nothing was a bother to anyone at Cloughjordan House. Saturday was the big day and no request was too outlandish. There were little touches of hospitality all day. When Justin didn't arrive for breakfast they brought breakfast to him. When there was a small issue with a zip on a dress, Lucy was on hand with a needle and thread. Not to mention a warming beverage to calm the groom's nerves from Peter. The reception was perfect. The staff were attentive, no glass was left empty and a party vibe prevailed. The food was simply outstanding. Every aspect from starter to dessert was ten out of ten. To this day when we talk about the day, everyone remarks on the glorious food. However, the dinner was just the beginning of what was a wonderful party and a true celebration. When we finally packed up the last of the decorations on Sunday and said our goodbyes we couldn't wipe the smiles from our faces. We had achieved exactly what we wanted. Two families had merged as one and everyone was raving about the most amazing and fun wedding they had ever been to. This was all thanks to the wonderful Baker family and their staff. Cloughjordan is a home and we were lucky enough to borrow it for just one magical weekend.



The Taste of Success, RTÉ - Ciaran Gallagher, Series Producer / Director

I've now shot 2 series of a prime-time competitive food show called 'The taste Of success' for RTÉ 1 using Cloughjordan House as a major location on both occasions. When seeking a location for the first series, I informed my research team I was seeking a venue which had the following: A country manor location, centrally located with accommodation for a large crew (30+) and enough availability to accommodate that crew during the summer months.., a grand manor house on its own grounds with a bespoke function room and to top it all - a cookery school with at least 4 identical stations for the competitive portion of the competition...

I walked away from the office thinking I'd asked the impossible and given the team a week's work. I was also resigned to having to compromise on my ideal location when they came back with options. 

Literally 10 minutes later I was shown a webpage for Cloughjordan House.

From the moment I met with Sarah and the staff of Cloughjordan House, I knew I'd found (well, the researchers had found) the ideal location. Nothing was too much trouble for our demanding crew. The accommodations are top rate (don't let the fact they call it a cow shed put you off!) and the fact you can hire the venue out-right is ideal for a busy production. 

The food is exemplary with no dietary requirements too much trouble. The manor grounds are perfect for picturesque filming and as they are based on the outskirts of a quiet village both your cameraman and sound person will be very happy. 

I cannot recommend Cloughjordan House enough for any purpose you may need, be it a TV location, a corporate event or your wedding (which is a specialty) and I look forward to returning to Sarah and the staff for series 3.