Cloughjordan House couples tell us their love story

We love being a part of so many couples’ wedding days, the day on which their love is cemented and a new journey begins. Looking to the future is very exciting but sometimes its nice to reminisce. As the festive season approaches and the year draws to a close we thought this would be a good time to look back at where it all began.

We asked some of our couples ‘where did your love story begin’. These are their stories…

Linda & Ashley. Photographer:  Darek Novak

Linda & Ashley. Photographer: Darek Novak

Linda & Ashley

Wedding date: August 31st 2018

Their story, as told by Linda:

While I was working as a sales manager for LA Fitness, Ashley used the gym there (daily!) and had apparently been wanting to ask me out for a while. He planned to do it on a Friday evening in August, but after his workout, he noticed the time and realised his indian takeaway was being delivered which was obviously more important, so he walked straight past me! 

Luckily I was there the following Monday (although it was my last week working there so he was lucky), he came up to me and said "I hate to do this to you at your work, but would I be able to have your number, I’d love to take you for a drink", he ended up coming to my leaving do, as he couldn`t wait till our date the following day! Quite sweetly, he still has the piece of paper I wrote my number down on :) 

So very old fashioned and traditional of him which I think is what I liked the most. :)

Julie & Gavin. Photographer  Niall Scully

Julie & Gavin. Photographer Niall Scully

Julie & Gavin

Wedding date: July 17th 2020

Their story, as told by Julie:

Myself and Gavin are real Tinder love. After swiping right and chatting for some time, Gavin picked me up from my house and brought me on a surprise first date. On a cold November evening, we went to Dún Laoghaire pier and Gavin brought a tub of ice-cream, ice-cream cones and sprinkles, and we made our own ‘Teddy’s ice-cream’ on the pier. We laughed the whole time on the date and shared our first kiss at the forty foot underneath the stars. It was so beautiful and the most incredible date I had ever been on. 

Four and a bit years later, Gavin brought me back to Dún Laoghaire pier where we shared our first kiss for the proposal. As I was sitting on some steps at the bottom of the pier Gavin went down on one knee. Unbeknownst to me, Gavin had a photographer there to take pictures as it all unfolded. It was all so perfect and I have never been so happy and in love. It was such a day for celebration as it was also the day I finished my two years studying a masters in primary education.

We fell in love with Cloughjordan House from the moment we saw it and it is our dream come true wedding venue. Roll on July 2020, we cannot wait!

Aoife & Conor. Photographer  IG Studio

Aoife & Conor. Photographer IG Studio

Aoife & Conor

Wedding date: October 19th 2018

Their story, as told by Aoife:

Conor and I were in the same department in university but didn't know each other and we only met for the first time when we were both sent on Summer placement to Umeå in Sweden in 2009. 

Conor proposed when were on holidays in San Sebastian eight years later. I said yes and we spent a lovely morning swimming in the sea and having brunch before ringing everyone at home to share the great news.

Claire & John. Photographer  Ig Studio

Claire & John. Photographer Ig Studio

Claire & John

Wedding date: June 3rd 2017

Their story, as told by Claire:

The beginning:

Coincidentally, John and I were both living in London at the same time and we had met before at various birthdays and nights out, but no moves were ever made. Eventually our mutual friend Rosie invited us to a St Patrick’s Day party at her house. John and I got chatting, numbers were quickly exchanged, as was a kiss or two and we went on our first date a week later. We always thank the magic of St Patrick’s Day for bringing us together… or maybe it was the Guinness instead?!

The proposal:

We were on an incredible 2 week holiday to Vietnam and spent the last few days of our holiday on a beautiful island off the coast of Vietnam staying in a beach hut. But unfortunately, when we arrived on the island I contracted a severe infection and high fever and was put on strong antibiotics and complete bed rest. It was the last night of our holiday and John managed to convince me to leave the hut and take a short walk along the beach. As John had already asked my Dad’s permission to marry me and told him that he would be proposing in Vietnam, John couldn’t leave the country without popping the question, despite me being so sick. As we walked along the beach, John stopped me, went down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was in complete shock and was not sure if it was my high fever playing tricks on me, but of course I said yes straight away! We couldn’t celebrate that night as I had to go back to bed, but it was an unforgetttable proposal and I wouldn’t have changed it for the world!

Jenny & Peter. Photographer  Ig Studio

Jenny & Peter. Photographer Ig Studio

Jenny & Peter

Wedding date: September 22nd 2018

Their story, as told by Jenny:

We met over 3.5 years ago in work. We were friends for nearly 9 months before eventually getting together at our favourite festival – EP. Peter travelled down on the Sunday as a surprise but could not get in as it was a dud ticket! I went out to meet him at the gate and we tried to work our magic to get him in which we eventually did and the rest is history!

We got engaged on St Stephens Day when Peter came to Limerick and surprised me a day early as part of his annual Limerick Christmas visit. He and my Dad were the only ones in on the surprise but that day Muster and Leinster were playing in Thomand Park so the family was gathered round the telly when the door bell rang! I followed him into the Kitchen to say a proper hello and before I knew it he was getting down on bended knee. I think we were both shaking and didn’t know what to do! Needless to say when we went back into the living room where everyone else was glued to the match there was huge excitement and everyone firmly forgot there was a match even on! The celebrations went late into the night followed by numerous facetimes to my baby sister who was experiencing her first Australian Christmas!

And so they lived happily ever after.

Merry Christmas everyone and a happy New Year from all the team at CJH x